District 26 Kenora was formed in 1975. Our members include those who work in and retire from education – including child care and early years, schools and school boards, post-secondary, private schools and more. We play a key role in helping members stay active and connected – with each other and the community.

District 26 is situated on the traditional territory of the Ojibway/Chippewa peoples. We recognize this territory is covered by Treaty 3. We also acknowledge the urban Indigenous communities in our district.

District 26 Kenora recognizes the inequities connected to colonization and commits to working towards creating a just, inclusive and vibrant community for all.

We invite our members to reflect the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action.


Members and growing

District 26 Kenora President

Elaine Sinclair

District 26 Kenora Executive

Name Role Email
Elaine Sinclair President / Présidence
Phyllis Eikre First vice-president / Vice-présidence
Mary Cunningham Second vice-president / Deuxième vice-présidence
Lori Johnston Secretary / Secrétaire
Kathleen O'Flaherty Treasurer / Responsable de la trésorerie
Josie Groen Membership coordinator / Responsable des adhésions
Elizabeth Courtney Goodwill coordinator / Responsable de la bienfaisance
Mary Cunningham Newsletter editor / Responsable de l’infolettre
Josie Groen Health coordinator / Responsable de la santé
Mary Bawden Political advocacy coordinator / Responsable de la mobilisation politique
Josie Groen Website coordinator / Responsable du site Web
Janson McDonald Website coordinator / Responsable du site Web
Elaine Sinclair Corporate member 1 / Membre collectif 1
Phyllis Eikre Corporate member 2 / Membre collectif 2
Mary Cunningham Alternate 1 / Substitut 1
Lori Johnston Alternate 2 / Substitut 2
Stephanie Kennedy Community grants coordinator / Responsable des subventions communautaires
Stephanie Kennedy Community grants coordinator / Responsable des subventions communautaires
Josie Groen Social media coordinator / Responsable des médias sociaux
Elaine Sinclair RPW Organizer / Responsable APR
Phyllis Eikre RPW Organizer / Responsable APR

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